About Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design major transportation projects. Civil engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure projects. These projects may include facilities, bridges, roads, tunnels, and water and sewage systems.

All aspects of building a structure fall under the remit of a civil engineer. This can include planning, design, budgeting, surveying, construction management and analysis, and often civil engineering careers encompass a combination of all these elements.

The great thing about civil engineering in the real world is that it’s an industry that perpetually adapts to the demands and desires of society. In recent years civil engineering has adapted to consider many contemporary environmental concerns, helping to address issues of pollution and scarce water supplies, while considering the potential of sustainable energy within the industry.


  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    Geotechnical Engineering
    Fire Protection Engineering
    Construction Engineering
    General Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Irrigation Engineering
    Bridge Engineering
    Materials Engineering
    Land Development
    Urban Engineering
    Hydraulic Engineering
    Water Resources Engineering
    Transportation Engineering