Department of Mechanical Engineering and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), ITS Engineering College, Gr. Noida organized an expert talk.

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The topic of expert talk was, “Theories of Failure”, held on 17th May, 2022. The talk had an informative session by Dr. Siddhartha, Associate Prof., N.I.T., Hamirpur to enlighten the students for their better understanding about failure theories. He discussed about the six important theories of failure for our mechanical and civil engineering students in a lucid manner with great depth.

 Dr. Siddhartha discussed that failure is essential also in some cases of wire drawing and forming something. He told about the distortion and yielding. He explained about the yield strength in tension, torsion and shear. He explained the difference between ductile and brittle failure. He highlighted that failure occurs when some physical variable such as stress, strain or energy reaches a limiting value. He explained the toughness concept by taking the example of stress-strain curve. He also discussed the difference between fracture and yielding. He explained that energy is also responsible for failure, as depicted in Distortion Energy theory and Octahedral Shear Stress theory. He explained all six failure theories in details. These theories are Maximum Principal Stress theory, Maximum Shear Stress theory, Maximum Elastic Strain theory, Maximum Elastic Energy theory, Distortion Energy theory and Octahedral Shear Stress theory.  He elaborated that yield strength in tension and compression is same for ductile materials like mild steel, but it is different for brittle materials like cast iron. He motivated the students a lot for understanding these failure theories for designing something. In essence, this expert talk helped students, to understand the basic concepts of ductile failure and brittle failure under different loads, stresses, strains and energy.

 Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Head, MED & CED, welcomed the eminent speaker on behalf of department and I.T.S Engineering College and emphasized the need of such expert talks in future also. Ms. Neha Gupta, introduced the speaker and took the charge of expert talk. More than 100 participants including students and faculty members attended the talk. Dr. Siddhartha answered all the queries of students. Dr. Sanjay Yadav and Dr. Harsh Gupta presented a memento to the speaker. At the end of talk, Prof. Rohan Srivastava gave a vote of thanks to the speaker. This has got the media coverage on

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