Five Day workshop on “Biomedical Equipment Service and Maintenance”

Five Day workshop on “Biomedical Equipment Service and Maintenance”

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5 days (from 27-6-22 to 1-7-22) workshop/hands on training on Biomedical Equipment’s Service and Maintenance was Organized by Department of Biomedical Engineering The chief guest of the inaugural function was our principal Dr. B.J Patil and guest of honor was our Speaker Haris Atnoorkar Global distributors Solapur, other than this, inaugural function was attended by Prof. Archana Bhurle Aland HOD of Biomedical engg. and all other staff of the Biomedical, E&TC, E&E department of our college and Students of Biomedical engineering dept.

Day 1:
Speaker talked and represented presentation on all the biomedical equipments used in the

hospital which include: Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer (Digital and Analog),Pulse oximeter, glucometer ,examination torch, nebulizer, digital thermometer, weight machine, ECG machine, Patient monitor, Ambu Bag, Laryngoscope, Vein Detector, Syringe Pump. Infusion Pump, Oxygen Concentrator, Holter Machine, Spirometer, Microscope, CPAP, BIPAP, Ventilator, HFNC, Defibrillator, TMT, Feetal Dopler, and radiology equipment like X-ray, Xary view box, MRI, CT Scan, PET etc.
Day 2:
Speaker started with the Stethoscope, Examination Torch, Vein detector, Weighing machine , Digital Thermometer how it is used, working principle, how to troubleshot the problem if faced by doctor. He mentioned maximum time there will be a battery problem and he instructed students how to check battery, if necessary, asked them to replace
Day 3:
Day 3 he started with introducing many equipment’s but majorly focused on BP Apparatus/
Sphygmomanometer he covered both digital and Analog BP apparatus he showed how to check systolic and diastolic blood pressure and asked students also do that he showed how to change mercury tube, how to replace Valves, how to clean valves, how to check and replace Bulb, How to check Dial Guage, Tube connector.
Day 4:
Day 4 he only focused on Patient Monitor on this day as these plays very important role in hospital irrespective of departments. He explained and showed 5 para, 7 para, 10 para, 12 para, 15 para monitors. the para includes ECG, BP, Respiratory count, Body temperature, SPo2, NIBP, IBP, PR etc. he trained students how to handle the monitor what all are the pre settings to be done before patient check, how to connect probes to the monitor and to the patient, what all are the problems to be faced during handling a patient monitor and how to resolve it.
Day 5:
Day 5 Speaker mainly focused on ECG. He explained what is ECG and ECG waves, ECG paper/thermal paper how to handle the ECG machine mainly with respect to 5 lead and 12 lead ECG. he showed how to connect the leads to the patient by using ECG stimulator. He explained color of leads 4 arm leads, 6 chest leads. He also showed how to enter and save patient data in ECG machine. On the last day Coordinator of the program Prof. Meenal Hebbal presented a vote of thanks. And thanked the speaker for spending his valuable

5 days with our students. Thanked all
teaching and non teaching staff of the department who helped for this workshop.

Five Day workshop on “Biomedical Equipment Service and Maintenance”

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