Test 1

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  • Had an absolute blast performing here. 1.45 hrs. of madness. The faculty is amogst the coolest and nicest group I have ever seen. Kudos to all of them for being so sporting. Also i soled lot of my copies of my novel under Delhi which is great.. Ha..Ha. Paisa… Thanks a lot for having me.. all my loveSorabh Pant, Funniest Comedian of India
  • Great faculty and wide spectrum of programs. Good infrastructure, good planning for future expansion. Overall a very good educational institution.Dr. Ramesh Kolar, Associate Director , Office of Naval Research – Global Singapore
  • It has been my pleasure to have participated in the Avalanche-13 organized by GIT, Belagavi. Never ever I knew that GIT has been doing this student-centric technical activities. Wonderful organization, excellent faculty and energized students make GIT a world class institution. I wish each one of GIT a great success.

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